What We Provide

Spinway will help you hit the ground running with a proven business model that creates a passive income while working 1 or 2 days a fortnight. We will provide you with the following services:


High foot traffic, visibility and access to cycle paths is the key to success. Spinway’s Location Managers will use proprietary methods to place your stations in the best possible locations in your area. Hotels, resorts, holiday parks, backpackers, caravan parks, visitors information centres, councils, outdoor parks, universities, sports centres, health clubs, business corporate parks are all good examples.

Marketing & PR

Spinway will provide you with marketing materials to establish your business, build your brand and maximise sales. We will also launch PR, marketing, radio, and television campaigns to introduce your new business to the local community. The below article in the Illawarra Mercury is a good example of our PR campaign.

Spinway in the Illawarra Mercury 

Delivery & Installation

Our installation team will travel to your area to deliver & install your bike stations into their locations.

Training and Support

We extensively train you on all aspects of running a bicycle rental business – from bicycle and kiosk maintenance, managing your business on-line through computer software and building your brand to maximise revenue.

Product development

We supply you all the bicycle & kiosk parts required to operate your business through an easy on-line ordering system.


Growing your business is simple. You can easily expand the number of bike stations in your area as the demand from new locations increases.

Bike Station Image 2 - No logo


Marketing Image