Learn more about the Bike Hire Revolution!

Who is Spinway?

Spinway is the future of bicycle hire and it’s available now. We are the innovators, pioneers and market leaders. We offer a stylish solution that is high-tech, convenient and affordable!

Our bike stations have the WOW factor. They are new, fresh and easy to use! It’s Spinway’s mission to stir the emotions and provide a memorable bike riding experience.

Spinway is looking to partner with like minded entrepreneurs to operate their own bike stations in their area.

What is my role as an owner of bike stations?

Your role is to provide bike stations for your community’s transportation, health, and environmental needs.

Imagine a network of bike stations located within a few blocks of one another throughout your community. Tourists and locals, can unlock any of the specially designed bikes at any station and ride it to any other bike station. Fast, simple and inexpensive.

We are looking for the best entrepreneurs who share our passion for a cleaner environment and healthier lifestyle.

You will deliver an excellent service and make a great income stream in hotels, resorts, caravan parks, outdoor parks, councils, business parks, corporations, universities and other locations in your area.

Who finds the locations for my bike stations?

We do. Proper bike station placement is critical to your success and Spinway’s locations team have both the experience and expertise in securing the right locations for you.

The team determines the viability of locations through a 5- step identification process:

Step 1: Is there high foot traffic numbers in the location?

Step 2: Are the customers the type that ride bicycles?

Step 3: Does the bike station have high visibility to the customers?

Step 4: Foot Space – is there enough room for installation and maintenance?

Step 5: Are there scenic bike paths in the area. Can the customer go for a nice recreational bike ride that they will enjoy?

There are literally thousands of locations available. Hotels, Resorts, Holidays Parks, Caravan Parks, Outdoor Parks, Beaches, Universities, Student Accommodation Villages, Colleges, Councils, Sport Centres, Business Parks, Health Clubs, Shopping malls to name a few.

How do I purchase parts when maintaining my bike stations?

Spinway offers all the bicycle and electronic parts required via an easy to use on-line e-commerce website built exclusively for our operators.

We are always developing new products to improve the bicycle hire service. Puncture-proof airless tyres, internal bicycle gears and anti-theft seat posts are recent examples of our product development work.

What type of support and training can I expect?

As we operate our own bike stations in Sydney, we understand what you need to succeed! Exceptional training and support is one of our core principles. We are entirely focused on making your experience the best it can be.

Training: As an operator, you will receive a 2-day training program at our Sydney offices. You’ll cover: bike station operation and maintenance, bicycle maintenance training, how to conduct a marketing event and on-line marketing training.

You will also receive:

• Complete training manuals

• Videos

• Continuing online support guides and updates

Support: You can expect our experienced team to provide you with:

• Ongoing technical and warranty support

• Proven marketing strategies and tools

• Menu set-up

• Inventory management

Nationwide Technical Support: We also have access to the largest infrastructure of field technicians who work for Spinway to help its opertaors with any technical assistance on site. We guarantee to have someone at your machines if required within 24 hours.

Growth: Our goal is to continue to utilize our successful network of operators to develop new and innovative products, models, and ideas that encourage growth.

How many hours per month will it take me to run my bike stations?

This depends on how many bike stations you are operating and how many bicycles in each bike station. It is recommended that you visit each station at least once every fortnight (or twice a month) for general maintenance and cleaning. Each visit would generally take approximately 15-30 minutes. Remote monitoring software will inform you when you need to visit each location as well as prepare you for which parts you might be required to bring.

What type of mark-up can I expect to see from hiring bicycles?

Spinway competitive advantage over bicycle retail shops is that we rent bicycles out for half the price because we do not have shop rent or labour costs to consider.

Spinway bicycles rents for $11 an hour, $22 for a half day (4 hour rental) or $33 for a full day (24 hour rental)

Please note: Consumers rarely hire bicycles on their own, they normally hire as a couple, family or in groups. This means that for each transaction, you will normally make double or more.

How do I get started?

If you are ready to make the best business decision of your life, please contact Spinway or complete the form at the top of this page.

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